Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga

I teach courses of Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga.

With the classic Hatha, we focus on the fundamentals of yoga, we learn about alignments, about controlling our breathing, about how to build and maintain each āsana . Through the adjustments, we learn to lay the foundations to enter to and exit from each position correctly, acquiring strength and concentration.

Vinyasa sessions are more dynamic and creative. We begin the practice with breathing techniques and, progressively, we flow in the āsana with dynamism and energy, generating heat in the body and increasing muscle elasticity. We build strength and release tensions at the same time. Creating a flow, we focus on fluidity and harmony. We end the session with meditation and relaxation techniques, in order to reduce stress and benefit our well-being.

Yin yoga is a passive practice that consists of a sequence of deep stretches where the postures are maintained between 3-5 minutes. Through the breath and by using gravity, we lengthen the connective tissue. Doing so, we gain flexibility, we calm the nervous system, we relieve stress. By stimulating the flow of the vital energy (pranā) we prepare the body to enter in a state of deep relaxation.

The classes are adapted to all levels and ages, taking into account the needs of each student. No previous experience is required.

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