José C.

"I met Sara as a classmate in yoga class and I have witnessed her transformation into a yoga teacher, an extraordinary teacher. Sara's classes flow harmoniously and naturally, with delicacy and physical demand at the same time. Always with a very careful aesthetic, as if it was a dance accompanied by a very sweet voice. I personally believe that a early morning class with Sara is the ideal way to start your day."

Cristina P.

"It's never too late to start practicing yoga, especially with Sara, an extremely prepared and caring teacher that makes every lesson a precious experience. She always listens to your particular needs and makes her best to satisfy them, with excellent communication skills and an amazing and hearted way to guide you through the class. I couldn't never live again without yoga thanks to Sara!"

Aitzi I.

"Sweet and professional, Sara conveys passion for yoga. She is always attentive to each movement and she guides you throughout the exercises, helping you to become aware of your body. Sara is undoubtedly a great teacher with a brilliant career. "

Anna C.

"My weekly time with Sara has become a must appointment in my calendar, thanks to the positive energy that she exudes and to how didactic and fun her teaching method is. Sharing with Sara is learning from much more than yoga: each class brings a beautiful reflection accompanied by laughter, relaxation, peace and everything you need to face your day with enthusiasm. "

Anna V.

"Excellent professional and an even better person, Sara knows how to perfectly adjust her classes to all levels and needs, never leaving aside her unmistakable human touch and sensitivity. I started with her from the basic level and she has been able to accompany me with perseverance and patience class after class. Thank you Sara!"

Sanya H.

”Sara is truly an amazing yogini! She is kind, very dedicated to her work and has studied much more in depht than most yoga teachers, including completing in- depth anatomy training. Her background in dance additionally makes her classes creative and unique. I couldn't recommend her more!". 

Lix M.

"Sara's classes were a great discovery for me. Perfect for those who want to come into contact with yoga, as it was my case, and chalanging for those who want to maintain a suitable rhythm of practice. We learn to control our breathing by practicing pranayama, and starting with energetic sun salutation sequences. The same energy that Sara always transmits with her smile, encouraging us to never give up. ”

Eva M. 

 "Totally recommended! Vinyasa classes with Sara are challenging because they make us understand the origin of each movement, bringing the awareness of how build each asana with absolute fluency. I also tried the yoga dance class, it is very dynamic and energetic. Leaving the comfort zone of the mat has made me explore new paths and made me aware of the multiple possibilities of movement that our body has. "